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Grand Master Pan Qing Fu
Grand Master Pan Qing Fu
Grand Master Pan Qing Fu, Mrs. Hallaway, Mr. Hallaway
1995 Master Pioneers & Legends Induction Ceremony

Iron Fist Grand Master Pan Qing Fu is one of China’s most renowned martial artists. After winning the National Championship and a place on the Provincial team, he went on to become a Professor of martial arts at three universities. During the Cultural Revolution, he assisted the police department in capturing nearly two dozen gang leaders and was subsequently invited to become martial arts instructor for the Police and Special Forces. e led the Tianjin and Hunan teams to top ranking in China, and then went on to cinematic fame in Shaolin Temple and Iron and Silk.

Grandmaster Gary Alexander

Grandmaster Gary Alexander
Mr. Hallaway &
Grandmaster Gary Alexander
2005 WKU Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

1974 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame
1986 Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame
1997 Australasian Martial Arts, Hall of Fame
2001 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame
Featured Black Belt Magazine, April, 2001
Certified US Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat Instructor
and Instructor Trainer" - 1998
President, International Association of Martial Artists.
1962 First Karate Champion in U.S.and North America.
First Annual Sport Karate Championships Promoter in U.S..
First Kick Boxing Promoter in U.S..
First Promoter, Martial Arts Seminars in U.S..
Undefeated Karate Fighter.
Endorsed as Greatest Fighter in the History of Isshinryu

Grandmaster Jeff Delaney &
Professor Lisa McManus

Grandmaster Jeff DeLaney
Grandmaster Jeff Delaney, Mr. Hallaway, Professor Lisa McManus
2005 WKU Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Grandmaster Jeff DeLaney

Successor to Remy Presas Head of International Modern Arnis Federation


Professor Lisa McManus

Executive Director: International Modern Arnis Federation WKU Hall of Fame Board Member Served in US Marine Corps

Sensei Sid Kelly

Sensei Sid Kelly
Top Row: Sensei Sid Kelly, Mr. Hallaway, Michael Schmitt,
Joe Schmitt, Sensei Dan Mallon
Bottom Row: Tom Coville, Brandon Hallaway, Christian
Hallaway, Kevin Mallon,

7th dan in Judo
6th dan in Ju-jitsu.
Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Highly respected as an instructor
Highly respected former European competitor
Mr. Kelly currently resides in Connecticut

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